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What is business meeting? How to have a successful business meeting?

What is business meeting?

"The business meeting is between more than two people to have a discussion about the goals and objectives of the company."

How to plan a business meeting

Throughout the course of the life of your startup, you must attend all kinds of meetings, some more important and others less. 

However, whatever it is, you should always be well prepared for a business meeting. The sale of the year can come out of a meeting, or the best client you have ever had. 

For this reason, it never hurts to devote a small part of your time to prepare your meetings. Sales meetings the meetings sales are especially important, remember, you do not want to improvise when it comes to a meeting of sales. 

In the face to face with the client, it is better to be prepared and with all the possible information. In this way, it will be more feasible to achieve success. 

To give you an idea of ​​how this type of meeting can take place, here are some tips:

Meet the person you are going to interview: Knowing a person is not just finding out his name and what tastes he has. In this case, you should know your potential client, professionally and personally. 

What motivates him professionally, and what creates rejection, with what kind of professionals he usually moves, what is his way of doing business, etc ... All this information can be found in the social and professional networks in which it is located. 

For example, the social network that can give you more information about a customer is Linkedin. 

With this social-labor network, not only will you be able to see the experience and interests of your potential client, but also, you will also be able to see the profiles of their connections in the labor world. An excellent tool to see the aspects that we mentioned before. 

The more information you have, the more resources you can use when formulating the phrases and directing the conversation towards the most convenient topics.

Take the necessary material: To expose what you want in the meetings, and that the people who are listening to you stay with the idea, many times you will not have enough just with the words.

For this reason, it will be better to expose your point of view if you use all the possible material that you have at your fingertips. Within this material, what can help you most are Slides, PDF's, videos, etc ...

Rehearse the interview before having it with the potential client: It may happen that the meeting is transformed into a compilation of questions that you did not expect, to prevent this situation it is convenient to rehearse the meeting before having it.

To do it correctly, it is best to write a list of possible questions and rehearse the answers with your classmates. Thus, when the potential client asks a question, even if it is not exactly the same, you will already have some material to answer it.

Thoroughly investigate your potential client's company: In addition to knowing the specific person, both personally and professionally, it is also necessary to understand the philosophy of the company for which he works or directs. 

Understanding the way of working the business, it will be easier for you to be or will be the most convenient for your future, and in the same way what your potential client would like to hear at the meeting.

Study your own company: It is true, who knows your company better than yourself, but still it is convenient to review each of the aspects that can be questioned to go one step further in the explanations. 

By showing confidence and solidity in your arguments, you will give your potential client more security to close an agreement with you.

Preparation of the business meeting

For a meeting to be useful it has to be well prepared, for this we must take into account the material aspects such as the functional ones:

We can divide the preparation into 4 steps:

Definition of the objectives: set the objectives of the meeting. Types of objectives. Those to be achieved. 

The secondary objectives: those that would be interesting. If the priority objectives are many, several meetings are held.

The choice of participants: The effectiveness of a meeting depends a lot on the participants. You would have to look if people are compatible.

Plan the development of the meeting: It is defined in the agenda that is a development of the issues that will be addressed.

Organization of the meeting material: we have to take into account:
  • documents
  • prepare the room
  • The attached aspects: the water bottle, wastebasket, pens ...
  • make a reminder of the call
  • Make sure they will attend.

How to have a successful business meeting?

For many businesses or offices, meetings can be a tedious task, but from which you cannot escape so that the work of a department or work team is productive and efficient

The writer Karen Dillon, of the Harvard Business Review, found that the. Meetings are an integral part of the life of an office, beyond its specific work in business, but also because of its influence on interaction with coworkers. 

However, how to get a work meeting to reach your goals and be productive?

Before the business meeting

You must define the purpose of the meeting to avoid meaningless meetings: answer What is the purpose of the meeting ?, Would a teleconference or general email be enough ?, Could it be replaced by a virtual meeting (Internet)?

Number and capacity of participants: It is convenient to reduce the number of participants to avoid reducing the efficiency of the meeting. It is not advisable to have mass meetings when three or fewer people can handle an issue.

  1. Duration: Ideally, a meeting should not last more than 2 hours.
  2. Agenda: The agenda defines the work schedule incorrectly formulated topics.
  3. Room date and reservation: The date of the meeting must be established at least 15 days in advance, so that the notices can be sent to the participants within a reasonable time and to polish details such as internet connection, snacks, bathrooms, etc. 
During the business meeting

Discussions roundtable: these conversations allow us to share the topics and how they perceive an issue with the other attendees.

  1. Election of a secretary:  This person will be in charge of forming a draft of the minutes of the meeting.
  2. Summary of the topics already discussed: In the case of several meetings, the decisions taken in previous meetings may be reviewed to refresh the memory of the participants.
  3. Decision report: This document is created collectively by all participants through their contributions and the ideas arising from the meeting.
  4. Date of the next meeting: It would be important to take advantage of the presence of the participants to agree on a date for the next meeting that is convenient for everyone.
After the conference

Minute: It is important to establish the results of the meeting on paper while the meeting is fresh. 

This should include the theme of the meeting, date of the meeting, participants (and absent persons with notice), agenda, a summary of each agenda item, report of decisions.

Distribution of the notes: It is essential that all persons interested in the topics touched on the meeting, whether they have attended or not, receive a physical and a digital copy of the minutes of the meeting so that they know what progress they have reached What is pending and when will the next appointment.

Know some important rules you should know for a business meeting

The image in a business meeting is not only important because it is the personal image you project and also of the company you represent. 

Attending a business meeting, in addition, to actively participating and showing the level of professionalism you have, there are certain important rules to keep in mind that can help the success of the meeting.

  1. Relate to others before the meeting begins: This will give you the opportunity to introduce yourself and get to know the other participants before.
  2. Be concise: Talking about more does not mean that you are giving more complete information. You can say in a few words the most relevant information.
  3. Be punctual: Punctuality says a lot about you. Do not wait. Arriving on time shows respect for others.
  4. Dress appropriately: The way you dress can improve your professional reputation or destroy your credibility. So do not forget the professional environment in which you move and the position you occupy.
  5. Be prepared: Prepare the meeting in advance, know the topic to be discussed, if you are one of the leaders of the meeting, make a presentation showing the important points you want to make known.
  6. Save your cell phone: The cell phone can make you lose the focus of the meeting, keep it and leave it silent to avoid interruptions.
  7. Have a good posture: Sitting well is part of the good body communication that you should show during a meeting.

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