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What is a work meeting?Types of work meetings

What is a work meeting? Types of work meetings

One of the keys to success at the business level is communication within the management and administrative team, as well as with lower-level staff. 

In this way, the state in which the company is located can be analyzed in a general and thorough way. 

To do this, work meetings are called, so that situations that may be affecting or benefiting the company are informed, and the corresponding actions are taken. 

In general, at work meetings, important members of the team, or those who are in charge of general department data, are urged to participate.

For a fruitful work meeting, it is recommended that: 

  1. The meeting is planned and the team that will participate be informed of it. 
  2. Punctuality is required of attendees.
  3. An agenda or guide is prepared for the topics to be discussed; the topics are handled with a touch of humor, thus avoiding the boredom of those present. 
  4. Avoid monologues; try or create a division among those present; Finally, take note of the conclusions reached during the meeting.

It is called a meeting of working to that activity, exclusive of the workplace, where key employees of an organization, firm or company, decide to live together in a room for a certain amount of time, in order to discuss issues that are of importance for the institution.

This is one of the most important activities in the business sector since it is there where you can assess the situation in which the company is located, in addition to where it is heading; This also allows you to find the necessary measures to avoid failure of the agency in the sector in which it operates and make it stand out from the competition (if it is not a monopolized field).

Work meetings are one of the most common activities in companies. These are necessary for any field and department of the organization. 

It is the most efficient way to share internal or external information easily and effectively.

The meetings have many functionalities, in fact, according to their objective and even according to who summons them we can classify them in one way or another.

Types of work meetings

Levels of work meetings:
Depending on the time of celebration we can find 4 types of meetings. The periodicity with which a work meeting is organized can give us a clue about the importance of the topic and of the communication between the parties for the coordination of the project.

Daily meetings:

They are also called Dialy Huddles, and they are those meetings of short duration that are normally held at the start of the day. And that they bring together every day, or most, of the employees of the workforce.

These short work meetings are aimed at making public the achievements or informing of the progress made in each of the projects.

Communicating and tracking the achievements of the rest of the employees can serve as work motivation for the rest of their colleagues.

Weekly meetings:

The meetings workweek tend to have a greater extent. Normally from about 40 minutes to 1 hour. 

These can be organized at the beginning of the week if you are going to evaluate the results of the previous week and present the next ones. Or, at the end of the week to make an analysis of everything that happened.

At the weekly meetings should include a slightly deeper analysis of business goals, the goals of the week. And even the changes or conflicts that may have been caused.

Monthly meetings:

The monthly work meetings follow a different dynamic from the previous ones. Generally, they are usually organized by departments.

They are longer and are celebrated at the end of the month with the objective of evaluating and planning.

It is convenient that all the members of the team are there, but if this situation could not occur, these keys for remote meetings will be very useful.

These work meetings deal with issues relevant to teamwork. It is advisable to have the figure of a moderator to give voice to all participants.

Annual meetings:

The meetings annual work, also known as retreats, are the most important. Its periodicity is annual because they deal with the conclusion and achievement of the objectives proposed for the annual cycle.

This also tries to define in broad strokes the objectives that will mark the development of the business activities of the following course.

This type of meeting is usually held in a place outside the company at the end of the business course.

They all share the project leaders, managers and employees, regardless of the company hierarchy. These 4 tips to succeed in a work meeting will help you achieve success.

Modalities of work meetings

There are many types of work meetings. In any business or business dynamics, we can find from the most classic general, business and management work meetings. 

However, there are many more modalities of more productive meetings for companies. Here are the different ways to hold these meetings.

  1. Informative work meetings: The basic objective of these meetings is to transmit the final decisions on some matter that concerns the company.
  2. Formative work meetings: They seek to increase the productivity of the team through individual training.
  3. Strategy work meetings: They are held to define the strategic plan of the projects. Define the phases and all the essential aspects that make it up.
  4. Creative work meetings: These meetings try to improve projects with the suggestions of all team members. It serves to contemplate new development perspectives.
  5. One to One meetings: They serve to deal with conflicts because they are based on dialogue.
All these modalities coincide with the main objective of making public and coordinating. Therefore, the key to achieving a productive meeting is to control all the details in advance and know how to organize an effective work meeting.

Choose a good place, give voice and participation to all attendees. And of course, that what is spoken in a working meeting minutes be taken into account that allows us to improve in the event that the same situation occurs again.

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