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Labor recommendation letter, Examples and format

Labor recommendation letter, Examples and format

When you are in search of a new job that offers better opportunities, it is very important to have a series of documents that show how our previous job performance was. One of them is the work recommendation letter, an element that must be written with some specifications and with the precise information that the employer needs.

The need for the draft to write the letter

Before writing a work recommendation letter, it is essential that all important aspects that you want to include in it are taken into account. However, sometimes you have many ideas for what the letter really should contain, and that is why you should do a kind of curatorship to take the main thing and discard what does not have too much relevance.

Therefore, people who need to write these types of documents are recommended to take a blank sheet, a pencil and start writing there everything they think should be in the letter. Once this is done, each of the points should be reread and then discard those elements that do not contribute much to the final composition.

The content of the recommendation letter
Among the details that should be considered and that without a doubt are indispensable, are the names of the employee, the company and who draws up the letter of labor recommendation, the position that the employee was performing at that time, brief specifications regarding the job or work done; expose some positive features of the person and a series of personal data of the person who has to sign the document.

When everything that the letter should carry is much clearer, it is time to have a person who has an important position in the company where they worked previously authorize it. This will give you much more credibility and value, so it is essential not to forget the firm.

About the introduction and closing of the letter
Generally, when drafting a work recommendation letter, it should use a formality tone. The date should be in the header, while the introduction should be direct with an exposition of the worker's features and the details mentioned above, such as the names and positions held.

The body of the letter must contain all other aspects and positive features of the employee; and in the end, it must be closed with a conclusion expressing, above all, a good disposition and empathy with the reader or any of the people to whom it will be sent.

Finally, it is very important to try to mention in a synthesized way the greatest amount of data that may be interesting and necessary for the company to which the labor recommendation letter is to be sent, since in general, these documents must be very short or In summary, without the need to wander, you should not use complex terms or fill in spaces with phrases that do not contribute to the main ideas.

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