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Business Thank you letter

Business Thank you letter

If you are finding a business thank you letter after a business deal, then it will be the best way to express your thoughts and here we will explain how to write it. Many times, in our daily lives, without realizing it, many organizations, institutions or specific people help us without hearing about it. Even the simple act of being hired for a company or being taken into account by an institution or person to do some work or teach a class, for example, are reasons to be grateful to the person who gave us the support and the opportunity.

There are times when we feel that words are not enough, for those moments, that you can really feel that the person, institution or company is opening the doors to a new opportunity, you can always write a business thank you letter to express what Feel these third parties who trust you.

Business thank you letter, as the word says, targets to thank a person, institution, company, organization or other third parties, for some specific reason or service provided. These letters are usually related to a protocol and, although it is a lost and sometimes ignored custom, it is considered a very good education and in good taste when the person who was treated or helped presents one of these letters.

Business Thank you letter

The advantages of business thank you letter

Imagine that you were in a selection process and feel confident with the performance shown, if you decide to write a letter of thanks, you can stand out even more among the candidates. Perhaps, also, this is the decisive point for your selection in that opportunity that you so desire, either from a scholarship in an institution or to be hired in that company that is so important to you.

In addition, in cases where it was a friend, family member or acquaintance who came to help you at any given time, it is a good detail to express thanks for your support and for anything you have helped to achieve.

When you take a course or class and feel that your instructors or teachers really gave you a good level of knowledge, it is also good to write one of these letters.

How to write a formal thank you letter

It is good that you also consider some aspects when you are going to write your own thank you letter.

  • You can write it by hand, this will give a more personal feeling to who receives it, but there are no conflicts in making it to the computer. 
  • Write in the upper right the date on which it was written. If this letter will be delivered to an institution, company or you simply want a more formal letter that includes your address as well. 
  • Greet the person who receives the letter with a cordial greeting and explain a little the reason for writing the letter. 
  • If your letter is for someone for receiving a gift, thank them for that gift and show their enthusiasm and appreciation for it. If you received money as a gift, always say that it is a generous gift but do not mention the amount and you can digress a little how you plan to organize that money. 
  • The recipient can also write a thought or phrase addressed to it, something that demonstrates their confidence or security if it is for a company or if it is a person, such as a comment about meeting again. 
  • To close, write a personalized sentence since it would be very monotonous to write the classic "attentively" or "with love", it is always better to use our own creativity in this area. It is recommended to give concrete thanks in this last line.

Sample of business thank you letter format

It can be used by a business person or by students or teachers or institutions.

New York

Ana Maria Lopez

General Manager

(Company Where You Work)

Respected Dr. Lopez

I address you very respectfully with the sole purpose of thanking you for the help provided over these years, I have learned to be a better professional thanks to the good habits that this company has implemented in me, thanks for the support and the good I was treated.
It is an honor to be able to say to work by your side.


Jose Luis Perez

Security analyst

Business Thank you letter

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