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How to write a business proposal? I what it is?

What is a Business Proposal?

A business proposal is the presentation of an idea or project of a particular business, which is done detailing the costs, risks, and benefits that can be accessed by the company or business to which the business proposal is made.

It is independent that the plan to be drawn is small or large which is committed to supplying a customer with either a company or business a certain product or service.

Basically, this document serves to demonstrate the viability of an idea before putting it on the market. It lets you know if your projects are suitable as businesses for entrepreneurs with your resources and attract potential investors.

The business proposal is a document with various sections. Given its complexity, it is advisable to divide its elaboration into stages. A work management tool like Sinnaps is useful for maintaining control over each part of the process.

The first thing that is done to prepare a business proposal is the creation of a written project that evaluates all aspects of the economic feasibility of your commercial or business initiative with a detailed description of the prospects of the proposed business.

How to write a business proposal?

How to write a business proposal?

There are several options to organize the content of a business plan. When building yours, you can take the following structure as a reference:

Summary and Description: At the beginning of the document, you explain what your project consists of, the need it covers and the main details of the marketing, sales, and budget plans. It will be the first contact that has a potential investor with your idea and what will get your attention.

Market analysis: A section that can not be missed in any example of a business proposal. In this section, you must analyze in detail your target audience and your competition.

Description of your product or service: Here we explain all the details of your idea. What are you going to sell, its characteristics and the benefits it brings. Describe precisely your niche and how your product or service differs from existing ones.

Marketing and Sales Plan: First, you must explain how you are going to introduce your product to the market. What channels you will use, how you will communicate with your potential clients, what budget you are going to dedicate to advertising. In addition, you must specify your sales strategy: prices, cost of each sale, distribution routes.

Human Resources: Who will compose your company. Here you include the name of all staff and indicate their position and the responsibilities of each.

Financial plan: You must show that your company is economically viable in the long term. It includes at this point the initial expenditure on equipment, as well as a forecast of expenses and income for the first year and your funding paths.

Make sure the proposal is realistic: You must ensure that the proposal you present as a solution to a problem is not a fairy tale. What you are going to raise must be real in the sense that it can be executed. 

Mission: Every business has an explicit and described mission. You have to capture in your business proposal what is the purpose, the greatest desire of your business. And here it is not worth including something like "the mission of this business is to make me rich" or "the mission of my business is to make me powerful" or " achieve financial freedom "

If not something less superfluous, more altruistic, something capable of elevating the entrepreneurial spirit of anyone, a common good that is capable of improving the lives of many people or solving a general problem that society suffers.

Vision: Answer questions like "what do I want to achieve" and "how will I get there?".

Values: What values ​​does your business, your team has?. The philosophy of the group, the way of doing things, what makes us do things the way we do them. The values ​​of our business are those immovable beliefs and principles to which we will hold during the journey of the venture. I will give you some examples of values: Transparency, honesty, companionship, respect, loyalty.

Objectives: Because without goals, there would be no business in any way. We need to propose certain goals and objectives to achieve a good business proposal. What are we going to get? How much time?.

Structure: And here, the parent scheme, the supreme of the supreme, which will make sense of all the previous parts of our business proposal. How are we going to get all this? Easy, we must capture each of the requirements that will shape our business. Your key activities, your financial resources, your value proposition, your target audience, your way of reaching them.

Base your value proposition on numbers: Well, we know that setting up a restaurant specializing in overweight people is a good idea because of the simple fact that we have heard many people with this profile complain about not having anywhere to eat. However, that is not known to everyone. That is why a good response to how to present a business proposal is that you justify and justify your proposal with numbers. 

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