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Personal Recommendation Letter - Format,Examples,Structure

Personal Recommendation Letter - Format, Examples and Structure

Writing a letter of personal recommendation is really very simple if you only follow a series of steps that will allow you to outline, synthesize and include the most important details that should confirm it. Likewise, this is a very common document that is also known as a personal reference and is used by universities, companies to receive resumes, banks, and many other institutions usually as requests.

Personal Recommendation Letter - Format, Examples and Structure

Important details of the letter: 

When you want to write a letter of personal recommendation it is very important to take into account some fundamental aspects, such as the name of the person in charge of writing it, your identity card and the reasons why you should refer to another particular person, using a tone of formality.

On the other hand, many people include other details that are directly related to the behavior of the person being talked about, some of the skills and abilities, among other data of interest. However, it is best to synthesize all this information and not overdo it with details that can be banal.

The body or content of the letter of recommendation: 

In general, the letters of personal recommendation are really short, since it is a simple reference with all the most important details. Even, it is not constituted by multiple paragraphs, but only by one or two with at least 4 or 5 lines with specific information related to the person in question.

In the same way, it is normal to use a basic draft or scheme with which it will be much easier to select the most relevant ideas, discarding those that do not add or contribute enough to the rest of the letter. In this way, it is much easier to set priorities when you start writing and you will get a better result.

Data of interest: 

In a letter of personal recommendation, in addition to placing a header with the date and incorporating all the information and basic data, you must also have a very well prepared introduction, body, and closure. Also, in the end, some people tend to add a very short farewell, the name of the subscriber and, of course, their personal signature.

Occasionally, some copies of identity documents of the author and the person being talked about, the resume or any other important paper that may be useful for the recipients are attached to this type of documents.

In this way, it is extremely important to take into account each of these indications so that the personal recommendation letter is perfectly prepared, with the greatest amount of details synthesized in the least possible number of lines.

Finally, this is one of the most common documents or requirements to carry out different procedures in different places and institutions, so it is very helpful to learn how to do them in the best way.

How and to whom you can ask for a letter of recommendation

As you have already stated, you will not be the one writing this document, unlike the CV. To obtain a letter of recommendation, you must ask your former employer or mentor in the professional environment if you have no work experience. In some situations, you can even ask the current employer, in the most diplomatic way, after explaining to him the reasons why you would like to try another job.

Do not prepare yourself for an interview when you ask for a letter of recommendation and discuss it as naturally as possible with the person you are asking. Explain to them why you need this document and how it might help you to evolve professionally and give as much information as possible about the job you want. Thus, you will be able to figure out which of your qualities and strengths are relevant to that position.

It would also be useful to give her a model to follow or to guide. After all, it does a service for you, so you can save time this way.

The former employer may refuse to help you in this way. From a legal point of view, he has no obligation to do so. Whether you are invoking reasons such as lack of time or not feeling responsible for helping yourself, you need to be prepared to accept a possible refusal in an elegant manner.

Structure of the letter of recommendation

Like the CV or letter of intent, the letter of recommendation has a standard structure that must be respected. Here's how it should be written, what information it should contain and in what order:

Addressing formula: Because this is a formal document, so the greeting formula will be "Dear Sir / Madam," followed by the last name of the person who will receive the letter of recommendation is a good idea.

The first paragraph or the introduction formula: In this paragraph, the sender of the letter of intent will recommend you and explain your professional connection with you, mentioning the company in which you intersected.

Contents of the letter of recommendation: In this section will be mentioned, argued and detailed the competences and abilities that you have shown during the collaboration with the person, respectively the company from which the recommendation comes. Also in the letter, the person who recommends you will also name the reasons why you think you would be suitable for the job for which you are applying.

Summary of the letter of recommendation: Before the end, the person recommending you will write a short paragraph with a summary of the recommendation letter. Two or three sentences that reinforce the above and emphasize your compatibility with the job you want are sufficient.

The closing formula: As in any official communication, the closing letter of the recommendation letter will be a formal one.

Date and signature of the author of the letter: Because it is a document, the date and signature will appear at the end of the letter of recommendation. Regarding the signature, the person who recommends you will use the formula name, surname, occupied position, employer.

Unwritten rules that you must take into account to obtain the letter of recommendation

Although, in theory, things cannot be simpler, in practice you can get in touch with certain delicate situations when you ask for a letter of recommendation.
  • Be prepared for refusal if your relationship with the employer has deteriorated: Thus, if you ask a letter of recommendation to the current employer without having previously expressed the desire to cease collaboration with the company, your gesture can be interpreted as a lack of loyalty. On the other hand, if you have already submitted your resignation and the conditions under which you did this were not amicable or diplomatic or if you did not respect certain clauses of the collaboration agreement, such as the notice period, it is very possible to hit a refusal.
  • Insist, offer models, so that you can ease the mission of the person who recommends you: For the situation where the current employer or former employer you are requesting a letter of recommendation invokes the reason for lack of time to help you, it would be helpful to have a completed template. Thus, he will only be able to review the information and sign your letter of recommendation.
  • Don't get stuck in the lack of experience and find solutions: If you do not have professional experience and need a letter of recommendation to apply for an internship or for your first job, you can ask a teacher or project coordinator for a project. was involved in drafting your letter of intent. Also, if you have been involved in volunteer activities or projects organized by professional associations or student leagues and the experience there is relevant to the job you want, you can request the letter of recommendation from the respective institutions, organizers or administrators. 
Below are more precise examples of how a letter should look like:

Sample personal recommendation letter

Model of a personal recommendation letter

Barcelona, ​​January 13, 2019

National University:

Through this letter I certify knowing Carolina Martines Sandoval identified with the Identity Number ___________ who has voluntarily unparalleled work in our community for 2 years, is a responsible and supportive person who has participated in different activities of altruistic form in our community and has left its name high thanks to its great capacity to adapt to new challenges.



Michael Jordan

Director of the community hall of Granada

Document: 98,765,432

Cell phone number

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