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10 Types of interpersonal communication

Types of interpersonal communication

Interpersonal communication includes verbal and nonverbal but it is face to face communication.
Types of interpersonal communication

  1. Listen attentively: This is the important rule of business communication to listen actively and it is also an important element of interpersonal communication. You should avoid using your phone when talking to someone. You can resolve any problem or mistake or give instructions. So the way to be active in listening is to ask questions from your clients or customers. Respond to their queries. Try to take your interest in the discussion topic. Make sure to have eye contact when asking questions.
  2. Spoken words: Your words can spell magic so every time choose your words wisely either you are talking to your client or your friend. Use simple words that they can understand. Give them value and they will respond in that way. 
  3. Behaviour & body language: Your behaviour to someone matters a lot if you are not giving them value when they talk to you then believe me you are not gonna get a good response. Every time you talk give them a smile. Feel relaxed and maintain eye contact. Use good facial expressions. Use proper body gestures. It helps the listener to understand the message effectively. This is a very important characteristic of interpersonal communication.
  4. Be open & fact lover: Everyone has their personal thinking and mindset and some people will be like-minded and some will think you are not correct so be open and accept those things and challenges.
  5. Positivity: You should be positive and smile because when someone will talk to you it will make them happy and they will more likely to talk to you.
  6. Relaxed and assured: This is an important thing. You can create a great impact on anyone if you have firm faith and belief. You should have confidence in the services you provide to your clients.
  7. Decision and problems: You will take some important decisions in your business so you should be clear in everything, do not get confused about anything. 
  8. Communication with your team: Everything we do in our business depends on our team. If you will build a good team that will understand you then you will more likely to get better results. Try to get their response and opinions in every situation.
  9. Your pronunciation: What you speak matters a lot so try to speak the words with good pronunciation it will show your clients that you are well qualified.
  10. Sympathy: Respect other's emotions and try to resolve the problems of your team. Always be humble and polite because if you will be rude then they will not gonna like you and that will be a red signal for you.
By following the above-mentioned skills you can improve your interpersonal communication skills. You should also read principles of interpersonal communication

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