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Verbal communication definition I examples I importance

Verbal communication definition

"Verbal communication indicates everything that is said and that includes written words and words we speak through our mouth".

Another definition:

Verbal communication is face to face voice or written words through various media. Verbal communication may be addressed to the person or community in an audible manner. This is a conversation between two people.

All kinds of conversations and correspondences between individuals are called verbal communication. This type of communication is the exchange of messages between people with the help of letters and words.

Verbal communication definition I examples I importance

Verbal communication skills in the organization

Verbal communication occurs in many different areas, including any kind of training sessions, presentations, group meetings, performance evaluations, individual discussions, interviews, disciplinary sessions, sales presentations. If you are interviewing someone in your organization then you will realize how much importance it has. There are also many kinds of jargons that we need to know while working in any organization and that depends on the area of working. If you will use those words then not only your coworkers will appreciate that but it also it will represent you as a professional.

Examples of verbal communication

Example 1 
Verbal communication on any occasion: Suppose you are at your friend's birthday party and there you met new people and you smiled when you see them and start chatting for instance how are you. Your shirt is nice.
  • You should speak politely.
  • You have to smile to make them comfortable with you.
  • You have to ask them about their name first and what they do for a living?.
Example 2
Verbal communication for managers: Someone is going to be late for work, and they call you to let you know. Here, verbal communication is relatively formal and polite, and it can also be an apology. 
  • You have to listen to your team members.
  • Do not be harsh and be calm and polite.
  • If your team member did an excellent job then you appreciate them.

Example 3:
Verbal communication with friends: Let say your friend is depressed and he calls you to talk to him and then he will describe his emotions and feelings to you so all this will be done through verbal communication and it will be a face to face communication if you are physically in front of your friend. 

Example 4:
Verbal communication with teacher: A college student wants to clear confusion in mathematics then he will talk to his teacher then he will use his sound of the voice to ask questions so it is verbal communication.

Example 4:
Verbal communication in the company: CEO of a company is expressing goals he wants to achieve to increase sales of the company so he will speak and can also give any kind of presentation so it will be a verbal communication as he is using words in his voice.

Example 5:
Verbal communication of film writer: A film writer uses his mind and writes some interesting stories for films but when he expresses that story to a film producer, actor or director then he uses his tone of voice and gestures to express the whole story. 

Example 6:
Verbal communication of a YouTuber: Do you saw those YouTubers who give product reviews? they speak and tell every detail of that product is verbal communication.

Example 7: 
Verbal communication of doctor: So you are sick and have an appointment with the doctor then the way you will speak and tell your situation to the doctor, will be verbal communication.

Example 8:
Verbal communication at grocery store: So you are at the grocery store and buying stuff for you and when you are at the counter and paying the bill then you are in front of the cashier and he will ask for the debit card and in this way, conversation will be started among both of you and it will be verbal communication.

Example 9: 

Verbal communication with girlfriend: You are on a date and trying to tell your girlfriend that she is looking so pretty and expressing your feelings and importance of her for you. This is a very interesting example of verbal communication.

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Importance of verbal communication

Speech, which is meaningful, informative and constructive plays an important role in our lives. Verbal communication is an important way of communicating in every aspect of life. Verbal communication happens between two people. people who speak well can distinguish themselves from others in their personal life as well as in their professional life.

when we talk about verbal communication, it is about speeches. Employees in many areas are expected to make presentations from time to time. So they have to speak verbally when giving presentations.

However, verbal communication also involves communicating with other employees and bosses. This is essential in modern offices. In today's world offices rely more on modern channels of communication but still face to face communication is still effective and improving communication skills can help work more efficiently.

Verbal communication can help you to gain superiority and a great position in your organization. If you are a public speaker then this is very important for you to have great verbal communication skills because you have to motivate others and those guys practice hard for this. 

There are some important points for public speakers to mention:
  • Before your speech, you should plan things and that includes the starting and audience engagement and ending of the speech.
  • Your conversational style should be environment-friendly without any stress and boredom.
  • Get great feedback from the audience.

Verbal communication in business

Build a good team: Leaders with strong verbal communication skills can encourage employees to achieve common goals. It helps team members to know what their responsibilities are and it also enhances the productivity of the company and also motivates them and makes the environment stress free.

Encourage feedback: Through effective communication, employees feel confident in talking to each other, and they give their feedback and opinions.

Give happy customers: Effective communication with customers is an important way to build loyalty and trust. Whether you sell products, shipped products or provide services, whatever you do, you must listen to and understand the needs of customers. In this way, you will get happy customers. When communicating with customers, you must listen carefully, be polite, and respond promptly.

Help enforce regulations: Every organization has some policies, rules, and regulations that should be followed to make the entire organization a success. Whether it is a specific process of performing tasks or the consequences of poor performance, you should let employees clearly understand the relevant regulations. 
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