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Best formal email writing format ever

Best formal email writing format ever

Formal email writing is important when you talk to your clients or customers. So here is the format of the business email writing style.
  1. Subject
  2. Salutation or greeting
  3. Body (purpose of email)
  4. Closing 
  5. Signature
  6. Proofread
  7. Fonts
Best formal email writing format ever


It expresses the purpose of the email so it should be complete and meaningful. Precisely express your purpose of the email in the subject and it should not be too long.

Required student participation: February 24, 10:00 AM, south hall
Above is an example of a formal email subject line.

You will greet the person you are sending an email to. It is used in business email writing. So you have to say like "Dear sir/madam" and in case you the name then it will be like "Dear Dayna" 

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First of all, in corporate email writing, you need to introduce yourself and then describe the detailed purpose of the email. Make sure spellings and other errors are correct in it. and also if you are responding to the query of the customer then you have to thank them.

Make sure the ending of your email is good. You should start it like "Thank you for your patience". You should use words like "cheers, peace, best regards". Include your contact information, your full name, and your signature.



Dayna Jackson
Drafter at Manning's Cafeterias
Phone number

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You can use any kind of fonts but make sure it is clear and readable. Calibri and Georgia are good fonts and keep one more thing in mind that your writing tone is also important so, first of all, know your audience and then choose your writing tone according to that.

Professional email address:
Your email address should be professional. If you are using the company`s email then it should include your name like dayna@manningcafeterias.com or contact@manningcafeteria.com.

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