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Make the customer experience unforgettable

Make the customer experience unforgettable

Create a unique moment of exchange with your customer, make him feel different feelings and emotions before, during and after the act of purchase. This is the art and the challenge of this powerful marketing lever that is the customer experience! 

Make the customer experience unforgettable

Make your customer unique. Make him feel that you are close to him, that you care about his well-being and that he really matters to you. Make your offer the best and most suitable for the market. One that meets their expectations, but also fully corresponds to their environment, their values, etc.

Listening to your client, giving them time, providing them with sensations, imbuing them with an atmosphere, moving them. You thus weave with each customer a unique subtle and lasting relationship that will make the buying process much more than a simple gesture of consumption. This is the challenge of a marketing approach such as that of the customer experience which is truly customer-centric.

However, if the idea seems relatively obvious, the implementation of such a concept - flagship element of your brand image - requires, like any project, a great deal of upstream thinking and the buy-in of all your teams.

The concept

The client is king. Yes ... That is the theory! Because in practice, we are sometimes light-years away from this precept! Nowadays, simple advertising is no longer enough. The blabla, it's very nice, but the actions, the gestures ... it's even better! What could be more profitable than a lasting link between your client and your products, services or your brand? Because this is the whole point of the customer experience ...

Also, for such an experience to be successful, it is necessary to know what binds the customer to the brand, what their expectations are with regard to the latter, but also what gives them emotions regarding a product or service. in particular.

 It is also looking at what will make that at some point, the latter will turn - or not - to such and such a product. In short, it's about knowing your customers at your fingertips! Good customer relationship management is therefore essential!

However, there is no question of focusing only on satisfaction or after-sales service and loyalty. To limit yourself to that would be to destroy your marketing strategy focused on customer experience.

Why set up a customer experience approach?

We often hear him say to young people: there is no better lesson than experience. Live, fully feel the event to better appropriate it. It's sort of the basic idea of ​​the customer experience. Do not simply boast about a product, a brand, but bring them into the environment of a potential buyer so that he can absorb them, appropriate them and fully experience the concept.

To set up such an approach, strategically, is to have the desire to establish a real relationship of trust with your customers, to give them the feeling of entering a circle, of belonging to a group.

By allowing your customers to be an integral part of the entire purchasing process, you enhance them and increase their involvement in customer relations. Indeed, you will collect valuable information that will allow you to better understand them, better meet their expectations and be better able to offer them the most suitable products or services possible.

Such a strategy will ultimately have an increase in customer satisfaction, increased loyalty, an increase in your turnover and, of course, an optimization of your brand image.

How to set up this powerful marketing lever?

This is all the customer journey that must be considered in such a strategy. On the different levels of the sales process.

Upstream: anticipation. It is a question of intervening on all the pre-sale process: seducing, reassuring, documenting, guiding, interesting, establishing a certain confidence, speaking, arousing a real curiosity to know more, a desire, an impatience to use said product or service, make the purchase from you obvious to your customer. This can also happen by sending samples or ready for testing. 

Purchase: the act of purchasing itself must be a positive experience. As the use or consumption of the product or service does not necessarily take place immediately, it is important to take care of this process. What is more when it comes to e-commerce where ergonomics, ease, confidence and ordering time must be optimum. In physical points of sale, several techniques can be used (see below). 

Delivery: follow-up, information in real time, notification in the event of delay, respect of deadlines ... The objective here is to reassure the customer as for the continuation of his experience. 

Use: compliance with what was announced before the sale, simple and useful instructions if necessary, product ergonomics, etc. 

Post purchase, after-sales service: satisfaction, easily accessible customer service, hotline, technical assistance.

According to the sales channel:
Physical points of sale: many techniques make up the range of experience here. All the customer's senses can be put to use and become true allies: 

The smells. Here we will seek to stimulate olfactory sensations in a pleasant way in order to relax the customer, arouse a positive emotion linked to the memory of a past event, retain the customer in the store, etc. Delicate fragrances, pastry smells, sea scents ... the spectrum is wide! 

View. The visual environment must be pleasant to the consumer. Neither overloaded nor too empty. The presentation of the products and services as well as the lighting of the place will be the subject of a very particular care (highlighting, dimmed lights, more brightly lit products, etc.). We will use the colors according to the emotions we want to bring out or the events that we will organize. 

Touch. We will play here on materials, textures. 
Tearing. We will be committed to making sounds pleasant throughout the customer journey in the store. Soft, ambient music, jingle, radio ... Again, the field of possibilities is vast! 

Taste. Reserved for the sale of certain products, the fact remains that the use of this last meaning is a guarantee of success! 

Online sales: the digital channel differs somewhat from the physical outlets since not all of the customer's senses can be used. However, colors play a key role, as well as the ergonomics of the site and the information made available to the customer. The opinions of customers who have already purchased on said site are essential. 

This allows your prospects to get a little idea of ​​the product, but also to learn about the experiences of other consumers interested in the same products or services. In addition, the follow-up of the order as well as the after-sales service and customer service will be of capital importance. Primordial also to ensure sustainability in the relationship and a constant improvement in your online offer, the collection - feedback - of information from your customers.

What are the benefits of a positive customer experience? 

There are many advantages of such an approach if it has been sufficiently thought out beforehand, implemented in an optimal manner and regularly corrected/adapted: 

Short term: customer satisfaction , positive word of mouth, better internal mobilization, etc.
Medium and long term: loyalty , lower costs related to customer dissatisfaction but also to win new customers, increase in turnover, optimization of the company's brand image, etc. 

Optimal customer experience will be proactive, in the sense that the customer-centric strategy that you will have put in place will allow you to anticipate the needs and expectations of the latter, which will have the effect of multiplying the effectiveness of the lived experience. The virtuous wheel is launched!

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