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Engaging clients: what you need to know

Engaging clients: what you need to know

In digital it is very often a question of customer engagement. Let's see what it is and what are the levers to maximize this involvement.

Engaging clients what you need to know

Definition of commitment:

In front of the abundance of the offer and the ease of access to innumerable suppliers, the customers become versatile, it is difficult to gain loyalty while they have access in a few clicks to the offer of the small neighbors. Commitment then takes on its full meaning for digital channels, and not only. 

This involvement can manifest itself in different ways. A committed customer is a customer who invests in the relationship with the brand: he regularly consumes his products, he is loyal, he acts as a prescriber with those around him and on social networks by becoming a real ambassador, he raises spontaneously his "feedbacks", remarks and opinions to the company, he can even participate in the events organized by the brand which are for him an opportunity of meeting and exchanges. Etc. Of course, not all clients have all of these characteristics to be involved in the relationship. 

Engagement is built on the basis of successful experience with the different points of interaction between the consumer and the company. 

Note that some authors take this definition upside down by approaching customer engagement as behavior rated by the company. In other words, the latter's involvement in customer relations. A definition close to the posture " a customer-centric business ", 

Benefits for your business 

We find the virtues of successful investment in customer relations: the anticipation of needs, agility, few customers lost, increase in the cross and additional sales, strengthening of its competitive position and ultimately improvement of its profits over a long period. 

What strategy should be followed to involve more? 

How then to increase this commitment? One of the levers is to maximize the experience with your brand by putting the customer at the center of the business. This concept is not new. However, it is gaining in thickness in a highly competitive digital environment. 

Here are some lines of action: 
  1. Build a personalized offer.
  2. Set up active customer support on all channels.
  3. Improve customer knowledge.
  4. On digital channels, define an adapted customer journey.
Software tool: the engagement platform 

To carry out these actions, there are software tools that combine the functions of listening / collecting data (building rich profiles, etc.), analysis/modeling (segmentation, scoring, etc.) and orchestrated multichannel actions. For example, it makes it easier: 

To anticipate the needs of customers. 
To strengthen in real-time the quality of conversations with customers. 
Produce value-added content. 
To automatically trigger personalized communication after a specific action.
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