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Employees losing confidence in leaders throughout coronavirus pandemic

It is clear that 2020 will be marked by a before and after of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as by the new normal that will emerge in the post viral era. As we move into new realities, we will witness a change in the business environment that will surely change the way we have traditionally worked. Today, the crisis caused by the Coronavirus presents us with enormous challenges in all areas. At work, he gives us the enormous opportunity to improve our way of leading . 

Uncertainty scares a lot. When in a leadership position, dealing with uncertainty "is part of the package," however, COVID-19 was not on our to-do list this year. 

Your team is your mirror

It is well known that emotions are contagious. If you realize that your thoughts associated with the pandemic and its consequences are absolutely catastrophic, you are surely transmitting those thoughts and the feelings associated with them to the rest of your team. Observe yourself, observe your language and the way in which you are communicating with your team. It is not about being in a state of denial, it just recognizes your emotions and recognizes how you are feeling in the face of the information that you seek or that reaches you. Try as much as possible to stay positive and if necessary, share your concerns with people you trust. 

Your team's achievements are great. 

What you and your team are and have built over time is greater and more powerful than the stress, fear or anxiety that may be present today as a result of uncertainty. Focus on the three strategic actions that your team needs to achieve this week in order to meet the quarterly or annual business objectives. Celebrate with your team small and great daily achievements. 

What I can control vs. what I cannot control. 

While it is true that the only thing we can control is the way in which we respond to the events that are presented to us, sometimes raising awareness about these issues can help us ... 

Focus on what I can control. 

You can always control your response, attitude, behaviors, words, and actions. Choose to be proactive and help others in these times of Coronavirus, rather than paralyze yourself. Do not allow uncertainty to suddenly cancel everything achieved by your team. Trust and delegate . 

Leading others involves working on yourself first. From self-control, empathy and tolerance, it is possible to overcome the challenges of the pandemic and those that the “new normal” at work present to us. From despair, fear and pessimism, it will not only be difficult to lead teams, but the stability and achievements achieved so far are put at risk. 

To take care of ourselves first, from there to be in a position to lead others.
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